Friday, December 12, 2014


I’m way behind on Christmas this year.  I’ve barely started doing my shopping and only about half way through the decorating I was going to do.  And I’d gotten such a great start back in November.

I’ve been easily distracted and haven’t gotten to it like I thought I would during the week at night.  I’m just spending too much time on line these days.

Then, last weekend, I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I caught a cold when I came back from Thanksgiving.  And on Saturday, I was feeling extremely sick unless I was laying on the couch.  Sunday, I was feeling better, until I started doing some decorating.  It was too much too soon, so I took it easy again.  Fortunately, I was fine at work all week.

Well, except for this cough.  I wish I could shake it.

And now I’ll stop whining and talk about some great news on Monday.  I won a table top display piece from my local Hallmark!  And it was one I really wanted to win, too.  It’s a larger version of an ornament I really like from a couple of years back that features a house all decked out in Christmas lights and play to music.  This one is also an MP3 player and works with any song you play through the speakers.  I was thrilled, and I love it.  Not completely sure where to display it, but I truly do love it.

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