Monday, July 21, 2014


So, blogging obviously didn’t happen this last week.  Let’s get up to date on some things this week.

Like starting with the auto accident I had a week ago Saturday.  I was heading to ornament premier at Hallmark. (Yes, they have released some of their Christmas ornaments already, why do you ask?)  I was at a light, and it changed very quickly.  As in two cars went through, the second on yellow.  The car in front of me stopped.  I stopped.  But the car behind me ran into me.  Fortunately, it was just the two cars and two drivers involved.  At first, I thought my spare tire cover was all that was damaged, but then I started hearing a scrapping sound.  Turns out my exhaust pipe is hitting some support bar, so I took it in to a body shop.  They found damage on the door and are checking out my spare for me in addition to everything else.  I should have the car back at some point this week.

I also have a rental, which has been fun.  Plus I’ve been enjoying the AC in it (mine in my car went out in June).  Ironically, we’ve had an usually cool spell for July with temps in the mid 80’s.  By the time I get my car back, it’s supposed to be over 100 again.

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