Thursday, May 01, 2014

Windy, Windy, Windy

We've been having bad Santa Anna winds the last few days.  Predictions I was seeing were for gusts of 30 miles an hour, although at times it was hard to call the "gusts" from the regular wind.

And have I ever mentioned just how much I hate wind?

Fortunately, they were dying down at night.  I even managed to go out for a run Tuesday night while it was calmer.  Still some wind, but not enough to make the run truly unpleasant.

The wind is supposed to be a lot less today, so it shouldn't interfere with my ultimate pick up game tonight.  Ultimate is never any fun to play in the wind, as I was reminded just last Saturday when I had to play my beach league game in the wind.  Way too many wild throws going all over the place.  And there was sand blowing all over the place, too.  I wanted to enjoy the day at the beach; really I did.

It didn't help that we lost.  The official final score was 10-13, but we had lost when it was 8-13.  No one listened to me on that, however.

Afterward, I got to head out to Glendale Centre Theatre and enjoy Cash on Delivery, a wonderful farce that had me and my friends laughing hard.  Recommended play if you ever get a chance to see it.

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