Friday, March 07, 2014

Winter League Winding Down

We've played our final two games of regular season winter league.  The results have been great!

Last week, we played the same team we played in week one.  This was the team we lost to 4-15.  I was expecting another slaughter.  Instead, it was a close game.  We tied it up in both halves, including at 13-13.  They did win 13-15, but considering how close it was and how badly we lost the first time, I'm not complaining.

Then Monday night, we won again.  This is the team that wound up seeded 4th.  We're 5th.  And it was 15-10 at the end, too.

Needless to say, we are all flying high.

I had a perfect record Monday night, too.  Every time I touched the disc, I wound up throwing it away when I went to pass it on.  It was aweful!  On the plus side, I was getting open to catch the disc.

Tomorrow, for my birthday, we have the tournament.  Should be a fun day of ultimate in nice weather with friends.  Can't wait!

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