Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winter League Tournament

I got to play ultimate Frisbee for my birthday this year.  Saturday was my birthday and it was the final tournament for winter league this year.  I just love it when a great plan comes together like this, don’t you?  (Even better, it wasn’t my plan.)

Our first game of the day was a rematch against the team we’d beat 15-10 on Monday.  I was surprised we’d beaten them that well then, and figured it would be a hard rematch to start out the day.  I was right.  Even with keeping our A team in there most of the time, we still lost by roughly the same margin we beat them by on Monday.

That immediately sent us to the loser’s bracket.  But we still wound up with two more games, and we won both of them.  The next game was against another team we’d beaten.  They started out with a lead, but we managed to come back and take the victory, which secured our third game.

The highlight for me of this game was my score.  This is the team my friend JV is on, and we guarded each other like normal.  I’d been teasing him that since it was my birthday, he should give me a present of a wide open no opposition score in the end zone.  Well, that’s exactly what I got.  At one point, he decided to poach off me, and I turned around and ran to the end zone.  I figured he would follow me, but if he didn’t, I’d be wide opened.  Sure enough, I was, and Lincoln recognized it and sent the disc down in my direction.  I almost over ran it, but I slowed down and got it.

Our final game was against the only team in the league that we hadn’t played since our game was rained out.  It had another of my good friends on it, so it was fun to finally play against Luke’s team.  They only had one male sub for the first half and no subs the second half.  We finished up that game 13-6.

Overall, this meant we placed 5th out of 8 in the league and that was our standing going into the tournament.  I’m very happy.  Many of these people hadn’t played league before, and there are differences from how we play pick up.  Additionally, I was finally on a team near the half-way point of the standings.  Maybe my luck in improving.

I’ve got an all weekend tournament coming up in two weeks, so we’ll see how that goes.

The weather was absolutely phenomenal.  Just about 80 with a slight breeze.  It did pick up some for our last game, but it was never too bad.  Really, how could you ask for better weather?

We were done before the tournament was over, but I stuck around with a few members of my team and watched the finals.  Then I headed to the party long enough to grab something to eat before running some errands and heading home.  I was exhausted by then, but it was a great day.

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