Monday, March 31, 2014

St. Pat's Hat 2014

Yep, I'm getting behind again, aren't I?  Not this last weekend but the weekend before was the annual St. Pat's Hat ultimate Frisbee tournament.

We played at the same field where we played the winter league finals, but it seemed even worse than before.  We're talking more dust than grass.  Heck, I was tempted to play in my running shoes instead of my cleats.

The weekend started off well.  We won our first game in fact.  We lost the next two, but one was very close.  And we won the final game of the day in another close game, so we were 2-2 on Saturday.

However, we fell apart on Sunday.  We went 0-3 to finish bottom of the pack.  I hardly played, either, since we were so close and yet still so far away.  I kept hoping my teammates could turn it around, but that never happened.

To make matters worse, we played some pretty poor teams.  One team ignored an injury foul call and played it like a turn over.  Then someone lied to us to get on our field for the last point of that game when he was already on a different team for the day.  His excuse?  "I just wanted to play more."  Then in the second game, someone blatantly lied about a foul call.  Fortunately, we had a good final game with people who actually wanted to play and have fun.  Sadly, we still lost, but it was a much more pleasant loss.

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