Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Second Winter League Game

Now here’s something I didn’t think I’d be saying, especially this early in the season.  We won!

The second winter league ultimate Frisbee game for my team was last night, and we actually pulled it off.  In fact, we were ahead the entire time.  We started out 2-0 and were ahead by 3 or so most of the game.  We did let them tie it up at 10’s, but we then pulled ahead to win 15-12.

I didn’t play as many points as I would have liked.  They decided to try rotations of twos or threes.  Well, everyone seemed to get into rotations but me, and there I was, waiting to play.  I forced my way in for a few points, but I would have liked to play more.

On the plus side, I was key to one point where we score.  My guy was poaching off me, and I took advantage of that, getting open for short gains most of the way down the field until we got close so we could score.  And yet, my team thinks that is smart defense to play.  Seriously?  It doesn’t work, but they won’t trust me on that.

But that’s a fight for next week.  This week, I’ll bask in the joy of winning a game – especially this early in the season.

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