Friday, January 24, 2014

And Other Loss

Yes, I led with the results of our last winter league game.  But it was a closer loss since we hit 8 before they got to 15.  And considering they got 4 or 5 before we even scored one, I was happy we pulled it together for that score.

Obviously, it was never a close game.  They had the lead early and kept it that way.  But once we got our heads in the game, the points were better than they could have been.

The big issue I’m having right now is that we have so many guys.  We only play 5 at a time, and we had 16 or so this last week.  The stars of the team are getting plenty of playing time while the rest of us are suffering without it.  I only played 3 points in this game, for example.

However, one of the points I was in I made a huge difference.  The disc was thrown to one of our guys from half way down the field, and he wasn’t quite in the end zone.  I was closest and ran into the end zone, but I wasn’t in a position to score.  As other people ran down, I was able to get opened for a dump/swing.

Then I saw Lincoln running across the field wide open, so I threw it to him.  However, I didn’t take that extra second to calm down, which means I make a wild throw.  Fortunately, one of our women, Erin, had also been cutting and was in the perfect position to catch the disc in the end zone for the score.  Yes, I threw a score!  It wasn’t to the person I meant to hit, but it still counts.

Our record for the season so far is 1-2.  I'm missing our game this next week, but it's against a team that hasn't won yet, so hopefully it will be another win.

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