Saturday, May 04, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for May the 4th

I'm celebrating Star Wars Day (May the 4th be with you) with my reviews of the Star Wars movies on my review blog.

The Amazing Race - Like them, I am surprised that the internet couple made it this long.  But I am not remotely sorry to see them go.  Got to admit, I'm not completely sure who I am rooting for next to win.  I think I'd be okay with pretty much any of them at this point, so no complaint there.

Once Upon a Time - So many questions, and only two episodes left this season.  What are Greg and Tamara really doing in Storybrooke?  Will Emma prove that Tamara is up to no good?  Will they leave Storybrooke or not?

Castle - The greatest hits, and I found it pretty funny.  The plot of the week was decent, but the clips were so much fun.

Dancing with the Stars - No surprise Andy went home.  He was the weakest of the dancers left.

Splash - We've got a strong final three here.  I'll be curious to see who wins.

Survivor - So, the alliance is turning on each other already.  Granted, there's just one non-alliance member left, but it will be interesting to see how long he stays.  And it was interesting to have two eliminations back to back like this.

Arrow - So, a bit more about the plot in the city.  I liked the flashback to Oliver before he left for the island.  Really explained a lot about what is happening in the present day.  These last two episodes are going to be intense.

Psych - I really like the arc they are putting Juliette through with knowing Shawn's secret.  And I love how she covered for him in the end when he was going to tell the chief.

The Big Bang Theory - Bob Newhart!!!!  Very funny episode all the way around.  I loved how Bernadette turned the tables on Raj when he called to say he had his dog.

Nikita - So, it looks like the remnants of Division are safe, at least for now.  But how will they take Amanda down?  And where will they go from there?  I like the fact that Alex is doing her penance her way and trying to help again.

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