Saturday, May 25, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for May 25th

It's the lull between regular and US network season.  Can you tell by looking at my recap?

Dancing with the Stars – I said Derek and Kelly would win weeks ago.  And then I started to doubt that as Val and his partner really started to heat up.  I was actually expecting them to win.  But Kelly was great, too, so I’m not upset by the outcome at all.

Psych – That has to be one of the most fun episodes all season.  Henry and Shawn competing to solve the case was a riot.  And then the dual explanation at the end was great.  Plus I enjoyed seeing Aunt Becky and the random Newhart reference.

Wipeout Family – My money was on the siblings who were so good at everything.  But once we found out who got to the Wipeout Zone, my money was on the shamily who did win.  Lots of great puns and laughs in this one.

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