Saturday, May 11, 2013

Weekly TV Recap for May 11th

The Amazing Race – The right team won.  I would have been okay with any of the four, but I was rooting for the brothers.  They just had so much fun as they raced around the world.  And that one wife was certainly getting on my nerves as she called her husband an idiot multiple times.  I actually started rooting against them.

Once Upon a Time – Tell me that shadow is not Peter Pan.  Please.  Where did Neal go?  And what in the world is going to happen in the finale?  I can not wait to see more

Dancing with the Stars – Definitely still finding some weak people to leave the show.  But there are some strong people at the top.  The finals will be amazing to watch.

Castle – How could I not recognize the agent?  But it was Carlos Bernard from 24.  I spent most of his time on the screen thinking I knew who it was but not able to place him.  I even knew he had a soul patch, and I still couldn’t do it.  I know Beckett isn’t going anywhere, but I’m very curios to see how they will play out this storyline.

Splash – I was rooting for Drake, and I saw who won early.  But then watching the dives, I was quite happy to see Roary win.  And he did a true dive to do it, too.  The others put it all out there, but he was the better diver.

Arrow – Another great set up for the finale next week.  Very curious to see how it all plays out.  And it looks like we’ll have to worry about the assassin next season.  I don’t see them resolving that storyline plus the Awakening in one hour.

Survivor – Another blindside, and Erik is still around.  It’s going to be an interesting finale.

Psych – This one was just plain silly, and I mean that in a good way.  Lots of laughs.  Plus an interesting wrinkle in the Jules/Shawn relationship.  I wonder exactly where they intend to go with that.

The Big Bang Theory – The ending with Amy and Sheldon was sweet and funny, something I never thought I’d say about a sex scene of sorts.  Not sure where they are going with Raj and his girlfriend, but the scene of the rest of the cast playing D&D was hysterical.  And wow can Howard do some great impersonations.

Wipeout – Jill’s back!!!!  I figured the surfing photographer was going to win, and I liked the guy, so I was thrilled to be right.

Nikita – Oh boy.  Again, set up for the season finale, but man oh man is it going to be rough.  Nikita is in a very bad situation, and I sure don't see how she is going to get out of it at all.  This will be interesting to watch.

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