Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two Days of Ultimate

Actually, that’s what I’ve been doing with beach league going on.  I’ve had ultimate on Saturday down in Santa Monica and then my pick up game here in town.  But this weekend, I played two games here in town.

It was both with my Sunday afternoon pick up crew.  I have no idea what has happened to the Saturday morning group, but I wish they’d get back to me.  Anyway, we had small turn outs both days.  As in two on two with a sub (for a while) on Saturday and then three on three turning into four on four on Sunday.

But both days were fun.  Three of us were there both days, and then rest of the group switched around.  We played a couple hours both days.  My team lost on Sunday, we when we actually went down to two on two and kept score on Saturday (teams switched too much before that), my team actually won.

But more than that, it was just fun.  I love playing with small numbers, actually, because I am much more involved in the action.  I even got a couple of D’s, but mostly it was the fun of scoring on O that I enjoyed.

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