Saturday, May 18, 2013

TV Recap for May 18th

All my scripted shows having finales in the same week?  I may not recover.  And I will remind you that spoilers will be lurking below, so if you've missed something don't read this yet.

Once Upon a Time – They wrapped up the major story arcs pretty well and even seem to be working on redeeming Regina and Gold.  Of course, how long all that stays in place next season will be anyone’s guess, although the quest for Henry will probably keep them all on the straight and narrow.  And yes, that was quite the season ending few moments.  I knew who would be on the parchment, but I can’t wait to find out what it means.

Survivor – Brandon and Phillip?  You’re still idiots.  Great to see Cochrin win, however.  I really do like the guy, and he seems to have grown quite a bit.  I just feel sorriest for Eric.  To be pulled from the game with just a couple of days left is unbelievable.  I wonder if the first challenge we saw was supposed to be immunity as well with two tribals before the final one, but they just used it to give someone an advantage since Eric had to leave.  And I wish they'd quit pulling in appearances by former contestants.  I want to hear from the most recent crew, all of them.  Reminding us of former stars of the show just takes away from them.

Castle – The mystery was decent, and if you’d forced me to, I could have called the cliffhanger as well.  My only question is that is how long is Beckett going to take to say yes.  Will she think she’s moving to DC before the writers yank her back to NYC?  Or will she stay for Castle?  Of course, as my roommate pointed out, in real life he could go with her no problem.  But this is a show, and if she took the job, the premise would be ruined.

Dancing with the Stars – Again, the right person went home.  There are three strong couples left for the finals and one tag along.  I think next week will be amazing to watch.  I definitely know who I am rooting for, but we’ll see if she wins.

Wipeout (Tuesday) – They’ve come up with some fun but much harder obstacles this season.  Yeah, I’m kind of beyond wanting to be on the show.  The fact that the winner finished the final course in 11 minutes and the other two took over 15 proves my point.

Arrow - Wow, that packed a punch.  I still can't believe they killed off Tommy.  Not expecting that at all, although it does help cut down on the romantic triangle.  And thinking they'd save that part of the city only to see it fall?  Heartbreaking.

Psych - Gus on the radio was so funny.  Decent enough mystery as well.  And I wonder where they are going with Gus's relationship.

Big Bang Theory - I could not believe the final minutes of that episode.  Raj talking without drinking??!!!!  Will this happen with women outside the group or is he just comfortable enough with them now that he doesn't need to do that?

Wipeout (Thursday) - Another clear winner and another fun course.  Wonder how long before I get bored again.

Nikita - Talk about another emotional punch.  I really was afraid that they were going to kill off Michael.  I kept telling myself they wouldn't while being afraid they would.  But Nikita going off on her own at the end?  And who was the fake President?  This is all going to be hard to resolve in the six episodes they've been granted, but I can't wait to see them pull it off.  And I'm glad they got that because I'd hate for the show to go off right now.

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