Saturday, May 05, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for May 5th

Once Upon a Time - A great episode that gave us so much.  We now know who August really is and how he can be a fairy tale character not affected by the curse.  Gepetto didn't come out looking too good here.  Now, if only Emma can stop acting like an idiot, like running away with Henry, we'll be golden.

The Amazing Race - So, despite doing the Fast Forward, Mark and Bopper are still gone.  Bummer.  I do think the one woman went too far, but I certainly get her lack of desire to shave her head.  Now I'm not sure who to root for in the finale.

Castle - I watched this in the hotel room alone, so the first part definitely creeped me out a little.  But once it really got going, I enjoyed it.  And I appreciated their break with formula at the end.

Survivor - They actually took out a woman with Tarzan still around.  I guess they've decided they can get rid of him whenever.  That will be interesting.  I loved Kat talking about how great blindsides are just before she was blindsided.  Unfortunately, I think I would react like she did after being voted out.  Yet another reason I will never try to get on the show.

The Big Bang Theory - As painful as last week's episode was, this week's was hilarious.  All three storylines were top notch, but I think I liked Amy trying to seduce Sheldon the best.  Howard's excellerated flight took an unexpected twist as well.  Is he going into space on Thursday?

Fairly Legal - They shocked me.  I fully expected them to get the one inmate freed.  I think this is a first where Kate didn't get her happy ending.  Loved the copyright case.  Now, if they'd just stop with the romance with Ben, all would be well.

In Plain Sight - I couldn't have asked for a better finale.  Brandi and Jinx were both back.  Marshall told Mary how he loved her without leaving Abigail behind.  I love him and Abigail together.  And they weren't closing the office.  It was not what I was expecting going into last night, and for that I am thrilled.  I'd love to see more to the show, but I can close this book satisfied.

Nikita - A very intense episode, and one I think is going to set up the finale two episodes of the season.  I love how they are showing the growing family Nikita is building around her.  They are strong together.  It makes it hard for the writers to keep everyone involved, I'm sure, but when they do, it really is great.

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