Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Two Days at Disneyland!

I got to take Monday and Tuesday off work last week and spend them at Disneyland with friends!!!!  It was a group of friends from my Trixie Belden message boards.  They had been in Vegas over the weekend for a wedding, and a few of them came down here to extend the vacation.

Actually, we started out with dinner Sunday night, which included a couple people who couldn't make the next two days.  We met up in Pasadena and had a blast.

Then came two days at Disneyland, which were both open to close days.  We had one new to Disneyland and several who have been to Disney World much more often than Disneyland, so we tried to cram as much as we could into those two days.

Monday was spent at CA Adventure.  They still don't have Cars Land opened, but there was still plenty to do, and we were kept hoping the entire day.  We finished the day off with the World of Color, which I do enjoy, just not enough to try to wait several hours for a spot.  But then again, that's how I feel about just about all their shows.  I'd rather do rides.  The exception is Aladdin, which we did and had a blast doing.

I actually got a hotel room and spent the night down there, which was good because I was tired, I'd hit traffic Monday morning, and we were trying to get an early start on Tuesday.  It was okay, and for the price I paid fine.  There's no way it was worth full price.

Tuesday was run, run, run in Disneyland itself.  We left out a couple of things, but we managed to get in almost the entire park, we even did Star Tours twice.  And I got to hit some new destinations on that ride.  We still hit both of the places I'd been between those two rides, but I also got some new scenes, which were quite fun to see.

And the weather that was so nice on Saturday?  It had turned cool and cloudy by Monday and Tuesday.  I didn't take my sweatshirt off all day Tuesday.  But that was probably better than too hot.

I was dead tired by the time we left that night.  I honestly don't know how I made it home safely and to bed.  That led to two days of hardly turning around I was so busy at work, but that's a post for another day.

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