Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fall TV Breakdown

We are in that awkward week when USA hasn't really started their summer season yet, but everything I watch on the networks has ended for the summer.  So I figured instead of a recap, since I have nothing to recap, I'll talk about the new Fall network schedule.

Obviously, I'm sticking with all my returning favorites.  I am sorry that Ringer wasn't renewed because I really became addicted to it.  That's the loss I'm mourning the most right now (since I've already accepted Chuck's loss.)

The only show I watch that is moving is Nikita, and it's just going an hour later.  That's no big deal, really.

Honestly, the show I'm most interested in are coming in the Spring.  At the top of the list is Reba's new sitcom - Malibu Country.  I hope it lives up to her first sitcom, which is still so funny.  Some of the dramas sound good if I'm in the mood to pick up a serialized show.  And if I remember to look for them.  By that time, I might have forgotten.  I just hope I remember to look for MC.

Anyway, back to fall.  I am most interested in Arrow and Elementary.  Depending on previews, I may give Last Resort and 666 Park Avenue tries, although I'm leaning toward skipping them.  I'll probably get sucked into the All Star season of Dancing with the Stars, so that will be back on my plate.  And I'll have to see about Survivor, although I'm expecting one of the returning players to be Colton, and that will be enough to suck me in, even though I hate him.  Strange, aren't I?

So, my break down will most likely look like this.

On Monday, I'll stick with ABC for Dancing with the Stars and Castle.

Tuesday, I'll have the results of Dancing to fast forward through, and that will pretty much be it.  It will also give me a chance to catch up from other nights.

Wednesday will feature Survivor and Arrow.

Thursday will be Big Bang Theory and Elementary

Friday is Nikita in the fall and Malibu Country in the Spring

Sunday has Once Upon a Time and The Amazing Race

You know, that may actually be doable.  Granted, I'll be working in back half of all my USA Network show's seasons as well, so I probably shouldn't bite off more than that anyway.

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