Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for April 28th

I'm up to date again, but I'm not making any predictions about staying that way this time.

Fairly Legal - Have I mentioned yet how much I hate Ben?  And then to have Kate turn to him for sex?  Okay, I realize I'm not someone who sleeps around at all, but come on?  With a guy you hate that much?  Doesn't seem like Kate, even drunk Kate.  And I love how they are having Kate and Lauren actually working together some and getting along some this season.  That was my biggest complaint last year.  Of course, they've ruined it with Ben.

In Plain Sight - Wow.  Just wow.  I can't believe they actually killed Scott.  I wasn't expecting that at all.  Mary's reaction to everything going on with her dad was realistic, and Marshall confronting her on her attitude was spot on as well.  I wonder if they are going to have Marshall break up with his fiancee and try to get together with Mary.  That sure is what his dad seems to be pushing for (and I certainly did like him this time), but I hope not.  I don't see why you have to have romance with the main characters in every single TV series.  It doesn't always happen that way in real life.  Although I will take the show no matter how it plays it out.

Nikita - I guess being from the original show doesn't mean you are safe since they killed off Senator Pierce.  But I loved how they played it with Sean and Alex.  And the final scenes with Nikita and Michael were absolutely riveting because of the emotions and how well it was acted.

The Amazing Race - I was hearing people talking about having tears in their eyes as they watched the finish.  Now I get it.  Bopper and Mark can be annoying at times, but they are still the ones I am rooting for.  And their commitment to their friendship is exactly the reason why.  I hope they get back in the race (although it sure did look like the director gave them a huge hand with the last attempt in the video.)

Once Upon a Time - So that's what happened to Rumplestiltskin's son.  Is he in our world now or some other world?  And that much be why he created the curse.  Did you manipulate Regina into enacting it for him?  Who is August, really?  And can Emma be any stupider, announcing her next moves to the enemy?

Survivor - The producers still try.  They really do.  But sometimes, it's obvious who is going from very early in the episode.  As soon as Troy lost, I knew he was history.  Now, I just hope that Christina notices that they were willing to let her get voted off if Troy had that idol.  I'd be furious about that if it were me, and I don't think she's as dumb as they all think she is.

Big Bang Theory - That was just painful.  I wound up fast forwarding through parts of it.  But Howard's speech at the end was sweet and made up for much of it.  Not all, but some.

Fairly Legal - Interesting.  So the sexual harassment was a fake to get money.  Seems like someone pulled a page from the Ringer playbook.  And I'll probably be the only one to make that connection.  I love how Kate and Lauren are working on their relationship and Kate seems to almost be growing up a little.  If it weren't for Ben, I might actually like this season, although his sub-plot with Justin was actually very funny this week.

In Plain Sight - I hate that FBI guy.  However, I love to hate him since he is a villain.  But what was Mary's dad thinking?  If the wrong person sees those emeralds first, she's going to be fired and worse.  And the final scene with her arriving at the hospital was so heartbreaking.

Nikita - I love what they have done with characters this season.  They've really made Burkoff into a character and not just the guy behind the computer.  Yes, the character development and everything else was rather predictable this time.  (Well, I thought they'd get the money in the end.)  But it was still so well done and acted I didn't care.  That last scene between Nikita and Burkoff was absolutely wonderful.

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