Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

You know what the joy of having all my family in the same area again?  I can see them all in one trip.

Yes, I drove home this weekend for a visit with my family.  They gave us all of Good Friday off work this year, so I left Friday morning.  My friends Josh and Beth have family in the area as well, so we carpooled up.  I dropped them off and then met up with Donald for minigolf and dinner before driving on home.

The only time I left Mom and Dad's all weekend was for church on Sunday.  We were hosting Easter dinner, so there was plenty to do.  Plus I wanted to soak up as much niece time as I could.  Boy is she cute!  We got to dye Easter eggs and hide them as well, something I haven't done in years.  That was an absolute blast.

Sunday, we wound up all going to my brother's new church.  I wanted to see where he'd be working, and Mom and Dad wanted to be there at least to hear my niece sing.  Okay, at almost 3 she didn't really get what they were doing, but it was fun.  Plus my sister-in-law was singing in the choir cantada.  It was a very nice service.

Then that afternoon, my SiL's parents and my uncle, aunt, cousin, and his daughter came up for Easter dinner.  It was wonderful catching up with all of them, and the food was delicious.

Really, it was a full weekend and a wonderful weekend.  I was so not ready to come back to work yesterday.

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