Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weekly TV Recap for January 28th

So, I debated about posting this or waiting until I had time to watch the finale of Chuck.  And then I decided I was going to give that a post all its own, so here is the recap for the week through Thursday night.

Once Upon a Time - That's better.  I loved the focus on Snow/Mary Margaret and James/David.  Now that I'm over their "affair" since they were really married and Storybrooke is not real, I'm definitely rooting for them.  I'm curious how their fairytale romance worked out.  How did Snow remember James?  How did James get out of the marriage?  And in our world, who is the stranger who came to town?

Castle - If I hadn't knows that was Sara from White Collar as the reality star celeb, I never would have guessed.  Really impresses me that she can play two such different characters.  Again, I wish they'd have a killer we've actually suspected before the end just to throw us off.  But I loved the stuff with the dog, especially the light hearted fight between Castle and Beckett over how to take care of him.  Very fun.

White Collar - Watching Peter try to decide what to do with Neal is interesting.  I do wonder how much Neal means what he says and how much is the lying like he taught the kid at the school.  Speaking of which, Neal and Mozzie as matchmakers was pretty funny.  But speaking of Sara up in the last post, I wonder if they are bringing her back or her breaking up with Peter was her swan song from the show.

Royal Pains - As happy as I was that they didn't resolve the Hank/Divya thing right away, I'm glad they worked it out this week.  I'd hate to see that drag on too long.  Evan freaking out about freaking out was pretty funny.  And I'm wondering just how long they are going to keep this golfer around.  I think this is the longest run we've had with someone not related to Boris.  Speaking of whom, I'd love an update from him soon.

Big Bang Theory - That was a pretty great episode all the way around.  Raj and his phone got really funny, especially when they brought Barry into the episode.  The final scene was hilarious.  Then there was Penny and Leonard.  I wonder just how far they are going to go with them being back together.  The bug reports were fun.  I was expecting the gun to go off unexpectedly, but I wasn't expecting anyone to get hit.  Finally, fun with flags was fun in the part we saw.  Certainly wouldn't have wanted to watch an entire episode, however.

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