Monday, January 30, 2012

Chuck Versus the Finale Thoughts

Saturday, I watched the final two hours of Chuck ever.  And I cried through much of it.  Part of it was because of the extreme emotions of the characters on the screen.  But part of it is because I was saying goodbye to these characters.  I love them - yes, even the Buy More crew.  I will have to revisit my Blu-Rays often because I will really miss them.  This has been my favorite series on TV for 5 years.  There have been moments that I didn't care for, but overall it was a fun ride.

But the finale wasn't everything I had hoped for, which is highly ironic.  This is the fifth finale they've done for the show since they never knew if they'd be getting more episodes.  This time, they knew it was the end.  And it showed (more and spoilers below the jump).

They wrote Ellie and Awesome off to Chicago.  Jeffster! got discovered and is moving to Germany.  Casey is leaving as well.  I'm not necessarily a fan when shows do this (which they often do).  I like the idea of the characters all staying together and having more adventures.  But I get why they do it.

And there was lots of like about the episodes, especially the second one.  So many awesome nods to season 1 especially.  The scene with Jeffster! saving the day at the concert was classic comedy/action combined.  The acting was great.

Yet there was a pretty big discordant note in the mix - Sarah's amnesia.  I know we saw Morgan get his memory back.  It looks like Sarah was starting to get her memory back.  We can see the happy ending coming.  But darn it, I wanted to actually see the happy ending.  Many fans liked it, but to me this is something I've had to accept over the last couple of days.  Just one line, Sarah saying, "I remember" would have been enough for me to know that my favorite couple got their happy ever after just like the rest of the cast.

And considering how many happy ever afters they got over the years, it's shocking the producers decided to go that route.

Yes, I still recommend the series.  Yes, I loved it and will enjoy it again.  But it's not the perfect ending I was expecting or hoping for.


Gaylin said...

Nice to know I am not the only one who cried during this finale.

I will miss the show, it provided me with a lot of laughs over the years.

I had a big laugh with Jeffster and the symphony!

I also would have liked it if they had all stayed together in the end but the Chuck and Sarah on the beach in the sunset, not such a bad ending.

Mark Baker said...

Jeffster and the symphony might have been my favorite moment of the entire two hours.

Lisa M said...

My sentiments exactly, Mark! The ending between Chuck and Sarah really left me uneasy. Like you, I wanted to SEE the happy ending not think it might happen somewhere on down the road. And, I kept hoping that somehow Chuck's dad wasn't dead after all and would make a surprise appearance. I am REALLY going to miss this awesome show. ~ Lisa (aka Limarie)

Mark Baker said...

Everyone I know seems to agree about the Chuck and Sarah ending. It's so nice to know I'm not alone.