Saturday, July 09, 2011

Weekly TV Recap - July 9th

White Collar - Best. Episode. Ever. Seriously, while parts were rather obvious (I knew she'd pick Peter), the rest of it was so very funny. From Neal not getting bid on at all to everything Peter went through to get the proof they needed. Even Elizabeth's wild swings in her reaction to things was funny. And Neal and Sarah hiding while Peter and his date were in Neal's apartment. Can't leave out Mozzie's parts in all this either. Really, it was just funny from start to finish.

Covert Affairs - I must say I'm surprised. I knew Auggie would wind up back in the department eventually, but I figured it would take two or three more episodes. This was fast. I was also prepared to hate his replacement the entire time (they did a great job setting that up), but I liked her before the end. I think that's her again next week, so I hope she sticks around some. Meanwhile, I know they need to give Annie's sister something to do, but I seriously hope they don't break up her marriage.

Royal Pains - Okay, so not quite as fun as the premier, but it was an appropriate follow up, especially for Divya. I like how they played her problems with the one patient and even brought up Evan and Hank's dad. I am really worried about where they are going with Paige this season. That run in she had with Hank is obviously supposed to make us think something serious is going on. I Love her and Evan together, so I don't want to see anything come between them.

Necessary Roughness - I'm still on the fence with this show. Parts of it I enjoyed, but Dani's friends pushing her back on the dating scene wasn't really part of it. I also wish she'd handled her daughter lying to her better. On the other hand, her professional clients were both interesting and I liked the resolution there. I have a feeling this mix of personal good and professional bad will be what this series does, and I don't think I'll enjoy that mix for very long.

Melissa & Joey - Okay, I admit I found this episode fun. Poor Joey at the end when he found out he was just a fling. And what is up with him having hair! That's a first in years. Obviously, it was filmed several weeks after last week's episode since hair doesn't grow that fast.

Burn Notice - I love Nate, so it's great to hear they've moved him back to Miami. Hopefully, they continue to find ways to bring him into the show. I was surprised to find that the guy they were trying to make look like a cop actually was. Frankly, this show continues to get me with the final plot complication/twist. You'd think I would have it figured out by now. Anyway, lots of fun and some great lines. It looks like Michael is going to turn very dark and even more obsessed with the mystery of his burn this season. I hope it doesn't get too dark, but it should be interesting.

Suits - Have I mentioned I love this show? It's funny and the characters are growing on me. Well, most of them. I really can't stand Louis. It's so nice that he gets a come uppance each week. I was glad to see they haven't dropped the friend and his girlfriend. That could get very interesting very quickly, especially with Trevor having the briefcase. I have a feeling they will be the on going story and it will take on a soap opera feel much like on Royals Pains. And we know how much I love that show. I didn't recognize her before, but I had to look up the grandma tonight. Turns out that USA has another former Wings actor working on their show. Cool. And I'm thinking Rachel just might have a crush on Mike, but we'll see if that's true or not.

Wipeout - Okay, so I was rooting for the dinner detective, and then he didn't make it to the final round. Glad to see them back with summer obstacles because I love that course.

Expedition Impossible - I'm not that surprised that Grandpa's Warriors left this week. This is a tough challenge, and the younger, in better shape people are going to go farther. Having said that, I'm thrilled to see No Limits come in second. And I have no desire to ever go on this show. It just looks like torture.

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