Saturday, July 16, 2011

Weekly TV Recap - July 16th

Another week, way too much TV.

In Plain Sight - So, I've been figuring all along that Mary would wind up giving the baby to Brandi and Peter. I was surprised that wasn't how this episode ended. But maybe they'll build up to that. And I wonder if she will tell Mark. The plot for this week was very well done. I could sympathize with both brothers are one point or another. But was it just me or did the brothers look like Peter? That kind of threw me off at first, but I soon got used to it.

White Collar - They are really milking this treasure story for all it is worth. And I don't just mean the complications along the way like Sara finding the passport in the final scene. I'm talking about all the scenes between Neal and Peter that have two different meanings - the surface meaning and the warning undercurrent. I love that. I also enjoyed this episode. It was nice to see Sara have a large part; here largest to date, I think. Plenty of great lines, and I liked Neal working with a young version of himself. Despite the rift they've got going on right now, you can still see the respect that Neal and Peter have for each other.

Covert Affairs - I was thrilled to see Reva back and get her out in the field. In fact, I found all the characters great tonight. Aggie gets the best lines. And the sub-plot they gave the sister was pretty ingenious, too. A good way to use her and have it actually count for something.

Royal Pains - Seriously, what is up with Paige? If they drag this out over their break, I am going to be most frustrated. The friendship of our A story guest stars was so heartwarming. And I loved Divya and Hank's exchange at the end about hoping they will behave like that when they've been friends that long.

Necessary Roughness - I think I might be warming up to the show. It helped that Dani actually talked to her kids a little instead of just yelling at them. I did like the fact that the person who came in to evaluate them saw them as a normal family. I certainly can't deny that. I realize TK is a main character, but I'd like an episode where he wasn't out of control and then in control at the end. That's getting old already.

Melissa and Joey - The translations were pretty funny, although I sure felt for Mel. And the subplot with Lenix and her former friend didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. If they were such good friends at one time, how could Melissa have never even heard of her. I realize she's only the aunt, but a long time best friend would be someone you'd know about.

Burn Notice - Wow. That was a very intense climax. Usually, it's compelling but not so dangerous. I immediately recognized Barry's brother as Barry from Big Bang Theory, and it kept throwing me off all night that he wasn't speaking with that horrible lisp. But let's talk the ending. I never saw Michael being framed for murder coming. I think we now have our overarching story for the season. But who is behind it? The people who burned him still or someone else?

Suits - How I love this show! Both of the cases tonight were interesting with some good twists to them. And how can you not love seeing Mike on his first solo case. Once again, the endings were perfect. I already can't wait for next week.

Wipeout - So, what does it say about these All Stars that I maybe remembered a third of them, and even then it wasn't that strong a memory? Yeah, that's what I thought. They just have too many contestants on and too many episodes to really keep track. They picked some real weirdos to come back, too. A few you could tell were putting it on, but many of them were just strange. Plenty of great laughs, however.

Expedition Impossible - Can they come up with a few different and exciting tasks? I realize this is the hot new show of the summer, but I'm only watching (and semi-watching at that) because I need to know how some of these teams do. Once this season is over, I won't be back to watch any more. The show is just walk here, ride here, do something quick and then go back to walking. Makes me really appreciate The Amazing Race.


Brian said...

Yeah, with Expedition Impossible, I was truly hoping for good challenges like you have in Survivor/Amazing Race ... since the show is supposed to be a mix of the two. The challenges do not seem all that compelling. I'm in the same boat ... having a hard time really getting into/sticking with this one.

Mark said...

I have a hard time getting into it, but I also want to find out who wins. In the mean time, it makes a good show to have on in the background while I do mindless stuff on-line.