Saturday, July 30, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for July 30th

I told you it would be late this week.  Just finished, so here we go.

In Plain Sight - You know what impressed me most about this episode? The military was presented in a good light. Yes, we had the turn coats that our character of the week was going to testify against. But the rest of the military people we saw were good, caring people who really did want to look out for their own, even if Mary did butt heads with that priest from V at the beginning. But she had to or you wouldn't have this show.

White Collar - So, Jones finally got to see lots of action. I loved it. I especially loved how they started and ended this episode with talk about him being in the van. Way too funny. I hope that aren't putting him back in the van permanently, but we'll see. Meanwhile, that last scene was incredible. Neal talking on the phone to two different people, seeming to chose Peter over Mozzie. The storyline this season has just been incredible. And I can't forget about Sarah. What are they going to do with that relationship?

Covert Affairs - There were so many interesting developments. We've found the leak (I'd kind of forgotten about that). So what kind of trouble will this make for Jai? Joan in the field was a fun departure. Plus she got to see Annie thinking on her feet. Then there was Ben versus the doctor. I was glad they brought the doctor back. And the way Annie was so strong around Ben really impressed me. I like her character more as a result. I get that she isn't really that strong, which is fine with me, but it's nice to see she is becoming a much stronger character. But if they want us to care about Ben, they have to bring him around more often. Honestly, if she and Auggie got together tomorrow, I'd be perfectly happy.

Melissa & Joey - I was nice to see the main story not revolving around the two adults for a change but actually using the kids. Frankly, I thought both kids really got to shine, and they made the most of it. I'm not a big anti-fur guy, but I liked how they handled it here. It felt like character convictions and not preachy to us.

Royal Pains - This show always has happy endings, so I expect that. But the reunion between Eddie and Ted, while expected, really touched me. Maybe because we're talking about Hank and Evan's dad and grandpa. Or maybe it's because we're talking about the Fonz and Lou Grant. Yeah, it's been fun to see those two sitcom icons sharing a screen. Something told me last week that Jill's accident was no accident. Based on what we saw here, I think I'm right. So, why? Was Jill the target? Or Boris?

Necessary Roughness - I actually really enjoyed this episode. Again, the sub-plot with TK was interesting and not the exact same dynamic. The main story with the poker player was also interesting - the ending was obvious although I didn't see it coming. Not sure where they are going with Matt's ex, but that spiced things up. And the kids are turning into an interesting sub-plot as well. Could it be I am actually starting to like this show?

Burn Notice - I never expected to see anyone from the Burn Notice movie again, so it was lots of fun to see those CIA agents show up to give us grief this week. Also provided some great comic relief. Not that I was truly worried about Sam. I mean, really, they aren't going to kill off the main four. I was really expecting the fake Michael to die in the final scene of the episode and be a dead end, but since he bought a gun and walked away I'm wondering where they are going to go with that story line.

Suits - It was obvious Gabbi was innocent from the start, but I never thought her lawyer was really the one responsible for the insider trading. That was an interesting twist. And speaking of twists, Rachel now knows that Mike was helping people cheat on the test. What will she do with that? I'm betting that the seasons ends with someone finding out about him not actually have a law degree.

Wipeout - That third round obstacle seemed a little easy to me. Anyone else miss the baseball game they used to have there? That was their best third round obstacle. I was rooting for the comedy guys to win so the boss would have to clean the bathroom. Sounds like a fun guy to work for.

Expedition Impossible - Erik keeps impressing me. I would have a hard time jumping 40 feet into the water, there's no way I'd try it blind. Plus the kayaking was pretty hard, too. I had some self-inflicted issues with the DVR, so I missed seeing the top 5 teams come in, although I did read a recap and saw that the Gypsies are back on top, which makes me very happy. I'd be sorry to see the Fishermen go, but any time you start sniping at your team mates, I'm ready to see you leave.

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