Saturday, July 02, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for July 2nd

Yes, this is summer.  I am just too much of a TV addict.

In Plain Sight - I was actually very happy with that episode. I was expecting our happy ending to be the wife getting her divorce. The fact that she went back and gave her husband another chance surprised me. Hopefully, he does change. Meanwhile, I wanted more from Mary finally telling Brandi she was pregnant. Hopefully that come next week.

White Collar - I was a bit worried about another flashback episode, but this one focused pretty much the entire time on the present, and I loved getting a look at Mozzie's past. The whole thing with "The Dentist" was a riot. "You're a living conspiracy theory?" Fun all the way around. I'm not quite sure what Mozzie was doing at the end, but what it was, it worked.

Wipeout (Tuesday) - That was a Spring episode if I don't miss my guess based on the obstacles they had. The scarecell was back and the Wipeout Zone looked way too familiar. I has actually hoping it would be either the preppy or the philosopher, so I was happy with the outcome this week. I found it interesting that they dumped water on everyone every time they went up the stairs.

Covert Affairs - Aggie going to work upstairs? This is an interesting development. And I wonder if Annie will ever find out he did it to save her? The reporter really should have started trusting Annie sooner, but then we wouldn't have had the last plot complication or two. Overall, another enjoyable episode.

Royal Pains - I was smiling the entire time I was watching. Okay, maybe not the entire time, but most of it. I knew what was going to happen with Divya. Her crashing with the brothers will be interesting this season. I love Evan with Paige. Sounds like that relationship will be rocky, and not on his end, this season. So many plot lines resolved or at least moved forward. I'm just wondering what will happen to change Jill's mind since she's a main character.

Necessary Roughness - I'm not sold on this one yet, mainly because I don't really like the best friend character that much. Well, and I hate it when a main character gets out of a relationship and immediately starts sleeping around. I know, I know it was six weeks. But still. I'm willing to give it another couple of weeks, however. I can see some potential for it to grow on me. And I am reminded that I often don't like shows right out of the gate.

Melissa & Joey - The plot on this one was fairly predictable, but yet I still found it fairly funny. Didn't see the ending of the sub-plot with the kids coming, however. The ex-wife was annoying as can be, however. I hope they aren't thinking of making her a recurring character. The assistant is the only annoying character I can stand. Even with all that, it was nice to see these characters again. Yep, I'll keep watching.

Burn Notice - I always love it when they are able to get Michael's mom into the mix, and they did that this week in a big way. Watching Michael abuse her was so hard, especially with seeing how close they have become. It wasn't quite as fun as some of their other episodes, but it was very good television, and I enjoyed it.

Suits - Okay, I'm officially hooked. That was fun and slick. The characters have a lot of learn, but as long as we show up Lewis every week, I'll be happy. I especially loved the come uppance the judge got at the end. That was the least of what he deserved. And the inventor got a nice settlement as well. All told, the outcome was great.

Wipeout (Thursday) - Another left over from spring, I'm sure. I actually have a friend named Sarah Cooper, so it was fun seeing her win. Let's get back to the summer obstacles now because I liked them much better.

Expedition Impossible - You know, I think I'm doing with the show at least for now. Yes, I'm keeping all the teams straight, but I find the time between the first team doing something and the last team finishing it too boring. I think if it were half an hour I might still be able to enjoy it. Maybe I'll just fast forward through it next week to see what they do and who leaves.

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