Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for July 23rd

Sorry for the lack of bolding this week, but blogger is being too difficult.
In Plain Sight - The way they play off our expectations with the mother/daughter main story was very interesting. I was glad to see that the daughter decided to give her mom a second chance at the end. And it looked like things were working out, too. I also found it interesting that all of the songs the daughter sang were hymns. Not sure why or whose decision that was, but I enjoyed it. And boy did she have an amazing voice. Not that found of the other story with the guy and his meditation. I'm really wondering where they are going with Mary and the baby and the dog for that matter. I'll be very interested to see where they end this season.

White Collar - Oh man, this is going to be very interesting now that Sarah knows what is going on. What will she do with the knowledge? I don't want to wait all week. Meanwhile, the episode was fun with Mozzie getting a girlfriend and scamming the scammer. Neal and Peter not working together was fun at times, too. But the best moment was Elizabeth reaching for her phone to call Mozzie. And when asked about it, she replies, "We talk." I laughed so hard at that.

Covert Affairs - I do believe this is the first time we had an episode that focused on someone other than Annie. Since Augie is my favorite character, I'm not complaining. It was interesting to finally get the back story on how he went blind, although I think we pretty much already knew the basics. The last scene with him on the plane was pretty intense, but I bought his fight scene.

Royal Pains - Wow, where to even begin. Things in Florida are certainly interesting, and we've left Divya and Jill behind to hold down the fort at home again. Anyway, I feel like a lot of this episode was set up for part two next week as the boys get to know their grandfather. And talk about great casting with Ed Asner in the part. The exchange between Divya and Boris at the end where he said, "Today you don't need to apologize for your professionalism" was wonderful. Jill will be fine, so I'm not that worried about the cliffhanger, although maybe this will be what keeps her in the Hamptons.

Necessary Roughness - There were parts I liked. For example, TK as dating coach was pretty funny. I appreciated the fact that they broke from him being a pain and getting fixed at the last minute this time. But the fact that he bought a replacement car bothers me. I really want the son to face the consequences for lying. And I'm still having trouble warming up to Dr. Dani. I like her with the patients, but when we get to her personal life her lack of patience really bothers me.

Expedition: Impossible - I've been rooting for the Gypies to come in second on at least one leg, but on the leg where they give up the reward to No Limits? That really upset me. I hope the one guy's ankle is okay. Meanwhile, we've lost the first all guy team. But I wonder just how long the California Girls can hang on.

Wipeout - When they find a good pun they can milk, this show is awesome. I love all the bee keeper jokes. I was routing for the Clownselour, but all three of those in the finals were okay this week.

Burn Notice - These guys are good. And there is no doubt they were trying to frame Michael. Now, how in the world is he going to prove he didn't do it? I have no doubt he will, but this is going to be interesting. In the main story, it's been a while since we had a client who insisted on being part of things and caused trouble. That was a fun complication. But I sure did feel for that guy.

Suits - Harvey isn't such a bad guy, but boy does he not want that secret to get out. I loved the way he handled the lawsuit with the cab driver. And I especially loved the fact that he stepped in to help Trevor. I hope they don't send him to Montana soon because I would love to see this story develop more.

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