Friday, July 29, 2011

Too Busy

I feel like I've hardly been home all week.  Oh wait, maybe that's because I have hardly been home all week.

Monday - returned from my trip

Tuesday - summer league ultimate frisbee game

Wednesday - I was supposed to go to the Dodger's game.  It was an alumni event here at the college, and we were supposed to be shuttled down.  The problem is, the second shuttle got stuck in horrific traffic and never showed.  I was supposed to go with one of my roommates, but we decided rather than drive (or even car pool) down to skip it.  Honestly, I'll week I've been struggling with wanting to go with everything else going on.  So what did we do instead?  We got a very last minute group together to go see Captain America.  We all enjoyed it; the rest of the group seemed to love it even if I didn't.  And it was definitely worth seeing in 3D.  It looked amazing.  So this turned what could have been a mild disappointment into a good day.

Thursday - More ultimate frisbee, this time with the pick up group I've found here in town.  I got there very late, but they were just getting the game started.  I played for over an hour straight, and I had so much more fun than I did Tuesday night.  Part of that was because the team I was on won.  But most of it was because it seemed like the disc was passing through everyone's hands at some point.  It's a friendly group, we're mainly there to have fun.  And fun we all seem to have together.  I'm actually bummed that I'm not going to be there the next two Thursdays, especially the one I will miss for my league game.  That's saying something.

Of course, all this means I am way behind on my TV watching.  I'm caught up through Tuesday night.  Tonight will be a marathon TV watching session, and I'll probably finish catching up tomorrow at some point.  Expect my weekly TV recap to be very delayed.

Trust me, this week was worth it.  I can always catch up on TV later.  I'd much rather do what I did, even though the baseball game didn't work out.

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