Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Independence Day 10K

Back in May when I ran my first 10K non-mud run race, I set my sights on doing another 10K this weekend.  I was so close, I wanted to finish in under an hour.

Of course, like everything else I do, I then spent the next amount of time debating about whether I should actually sign up or not.  After all, it started at 7AM.  And with all the ultimate Frisbee I have been playing, I haven't really been training for it.  But I decided this last week to go ahead and sign up.

Since the race started and ended about two blocks from where I normally hang out with friends on Sunday night, I spent the night there.  That way I could sleep later and walk over to the start as part of my warm up.

I bought new running shoes the day before.  I didn't use them, but I think it's about time.  At various times, my legs were killing me.  I even battle shin splints for a little while, which is usually a sign it's time to buy new shoes.

I think I need to get a watch for racing.  I had no idea who I was doing until the end.  That makes it hard to adjust pace as needed.  But I started running and tried to keep my pace.  I did increase a little in the second half, but not very much.  I was passed by plenty of people, but I passed a few as well.  Many of the people I passed were ahead of me for a while, so it's not like I was super slow.

But ultimate, racing comes down to you and the clock.  And I think that may be one reason I and starting to enjoy running.  It can be just about you and your goals.

In this case, I didn't make my goal.  I finished in 1:02:47.

Part of me is disappointed.  But part of me knows that if I had trained harder, I might have finished better.

However, talking to others after the race, no one finished in their goal time or their normal time.  Everyone was running slow because of the heat.  Yes, even at 7AM it was hot.  (Hey, it's the 4th of July.  I would be disappointed with anything less.)  So maybe a sub 1 hour 10K is still doable for me.

I'm going to start looking for one to sign up for (in the midst of all my other races).  And I will get that time yet.  But I'm going to take the next one more seriously and train harder for it, too.

Meanwhile, it was fun to see some friends from church out there at this race, including one who came to cheer me on.  Others were running it.  And I saw someone I graduated from college with but haven't seen for years who was in town.  That part of the morning was a very pleasant surprise.

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