Monday, July 11, 2011

A Day at the Beach is, Well, a Day at the Beach

I finally made it to the beach this weekend.  I know, I know, the guy who used to go all the time in the summer seems to rarely go any more.  I at least partially blame mud runs since those are weekends I could be spending at the beach.

Anyway, the worship director at church sent out an e-mail sayings, "Let's meet up at the beach for some fellowship for music ministry folks."  We actually had a small turnout with maybe 8 or so families, but it was lots of fun.

Aaron and I played a Frisbee accuracy version of "horse" where the loser had to jump in the ocean.  And my lack of accuracy with Frisbee came back to haunt me as I lost.  But Aaron jumped in the ocean, too.  We were the only two to jump in, and I actually jumped back in a second time.  Keep in mind that the water was fairly cold where we went.

On the other hand, the weather was wonderful.  It was cool in the shade, but it was perfect in the sun. Much cooler than it's been here at home.  Unfortunately, I applied sun screen unevenly, so I have some weird shaped sun burns.

Anyway, some of us also played around with a volleyball for a while.  Other than that, I just talked with people or sat and enjoyed the sun.

I've got to get back to the beach again soon.  Unfortunately, I don't know when that could happen.  I'm just too busy for my own good.

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