Saturday, April 09, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for April 9th

Beware.  I've got a major spoiler on this page.  If you watch these shows but haven't seen the latest episodes, stop now.  You've been warned.

Dancing with the Stars - Could it be that I am growing tired of this show. Yes, I had it on. Yes, I caught some moments like Maks' fall. But I've got to admit I didn't watch it that closely. I guess we'll see how much I watch the next few weeks, but I may take it off the DVR.

Castle - They completely got me with this one. Yeah, I figured things out just before the final twist, but only just before. Meanwhile, I was having a blast with the entire line of Tony's and their pizza. And I'd just been thinking to myself that they hadn't mentioned Ashley for a while. Now, it would be fun to see him again.

No Ordinary Family - They managed to walk a very fine line. If they aren't renewed, they wrapped up a lot of stories. They explained why the Powells' powers are permanent. They got rid of Dr. King (in a very grisly way.) But if by some miracle they do come back (and it would take a miracle), they have opened up the story potential for next season in some rather dramatic ways. I'm happy with the first season as a whole, but I would come back for year two if we get it.

Survivor - How stupid was Matt. Okay, so this group of people voted you out. You're going to go back to them? Especially after having told Rob, the leader, that you thought about switching but decided not to? I honestly felt sorry for him the first time when Rob decided to vote him out for no good reason. This time, I didn't feel that sorry for him at all. Yes, I'll still be rooting for him to make it back to the game because I love a good underdog story, but hopefully he learns something from his mistake. As to his playing honorably bit, I could respect that if he hadn't been voted out. Once he was voted out and allowed back in, he had no more allegiance to his old tribe. They got rid of him. He could start with a completely fresh slate and go with whoever he wanted. Why he didn't is beyond me. But I don't have strong feelings about it one way or the other, obviously.

Big Bang Theory - I was completely distracted for the first scene. Why? Because behind Amy and Sheldon in the bookstore were books by authors Laura Levine and Joanne Fluke, both of whom I love. Once we moved past that scene, I was able to enjoy the show. Many of the jokes were predictable, but I still laughed at them. The final scene was a classic.

Nikita - It was great to have this show back. Much of the action wasn't that big a surprise, but finding out that Percy was the one who ordered Michael's family killed? I did not see that one coming. My guess is he is now definitely on Nikita's side, so we've got someone on the inside again. As far as Alex goes, I think she's going to be in a lot of trouble but written out one way or the other by the end of the season.

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