Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for April 30th

Last week, I did this post all at once, and my recaps were short and vague as a result.  This week, I did them within a day or two of watching them and spread it out over the entire week.  Can you tell the difference?

The Amazing Race - Well, the Cowboys are gone. As you know, I've been rooting for them to win pretty much the entire time. Although with how poorly they've been doing, I figured they'd be out sooner or later. What hurts is that they lost because everyone shared the correct distance with each other except the Cowboys. Does no one get that this is a race? The U-Turn? Yeah, I probably would have done that as well. It's part of the game, and I'd want to stay in it. And just to remind you why I love them so much, there's the classic line from the end. "I can't think of anyone I'd rather do this with. Except maybe my wife." Too, too funny and so them.

Dancing with the Stars - I do believe this was a first for me. I actually knew all but one of the songs they were dancing to. I guess that means that guilty pleasure songs are a lot more popular than people are willing to admit. The performances were lots of fun, and I'm going to say again how tight the competition is. Two people tied at the top and only 5 points separate the leaders from the bottom team. That's less than a point a team. There are a couple of weaker dancers in the lot, still. It was nice to see some on stage drama that didn't involve Kirstie this week, and it was nice to see her shine, too. Sorry to see Chris go this week, but I wasn't that surprised. I have a feeling that right now if you are in the bottom on Monday, you are pretty much toast.

Better with You - Yes, this show made a come back to my viewing life this week, but only because of Derek Hough's guest spot. His bit as the dance instructor (what else) was fun, and he was a decent enough actor. The show has it's charm, although it didn't make me laugh nearly as much as the rerun of Big Bang Theory I watched right after did. Nope, not sorry I took it off my viewing schedule, although it was nice to check in with the characters. I may keep a closer eye on what they are up to and try to catch the finale.

Survivor - At times like this, I do feel sorry for the producers. There was no drama with the votes tonight. We knew who would be going home before we sat down to watch. Frankly, about the only drama was the second challenge and no talking before the second vote. And even that wasn't that big a deal. Honestly, they've got to be thanking somebody that we've got Matt and Redemption Island. He is the most compelling thing on the season right now. While I feel sorry for him, I'm also glad he's over there so he isn't tempted to backstab and lie his way through the game. I'd like to see a Christian on the show keep his testimony, and it looks like Matt has the best chance to do that right now.

The Big Bang Theory - Another very funny episode. The whole girl's night out was a bit much for me, but I love the parts about the roommate agreement. Naturally, I knew it would be funny. And once again Sheldon gets the best line of the night. "You may have gone to Cambridge (or wherever it is Prya has gone), but I went to Starfleet Academy."

Nikita - Another box found and a box kept to possibly use against Division. I'd love to know what is in it. The story with the family was very heartwarming, which was a change of pace for this normally fairly bleak show. But what really got me were the last few minutes. Alex is in trouble now, and I don't know how they will get her out of this one at all.

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