Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for April 23rd

The Amazing Race - I would have been really sorry to see Gary and Mallory go, so I was glad this was a non-elimination leg.  And the Cowboys had better get it together and stop coming in so close to last place.  Being on the same plane as everyone else would help.

Chuck - They seem to be doing as many stand alones as story arc episodes in the second half of the season.  Not to say I didn't like this episode.  I was cringing yet laughing at how out of control Chuck and Sarah's lie got.  And I liked seeing her dad again.  Casey's secret it finally out in the open as well.  I'm curious where they will go with that.  But my favorite scene was watching Awesome with his daughter.  So incredibly cute together.  It's the characters that have always made this show, and once again those little moments made me smile.

Dancing with the Stars - Another interesting theme week, although this one seemed better suited for dancing to me.  All the dances were fun.  We seem to have a very talented cast at this point.  There were comments Monday about there being no clear front runner, and I would definitely say that's true.  And Kristie kept it together this week, too.  Sorry to see Petra go, although I'm not sure I agree with Len that there are worse couples in the competition.  It's pretty fierce.

Survivor - So, Phillip, if you are indeed a merged tribe (as you claim), then how come you have two shelters and are not interacting at all.  This is the worst merged tribe I have ever seen.  And after how you've treated the other tribe, of course they are going to make you deal with the rice on your own.  What did you expect after treating them like dirt?  As to why Steve called you crazy, maybe it is because you have been acting crazy since the day it all began.  Honestly, you and your tribe have no one to blame but yourself for what went down tonight.  (And please, don't bring race into it unless it really, truly belongs there.)

Nikita - Wow, that was a good episode.  Adding Alex wanting to use the mission to fake her death adding a nice level of complexity to things that made all the twists and turns that much more interesting.  Of course, I knew something would change her mind and she wouldn't want to leave Division after all.

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