Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly TV Recap for April 16th

The Amazing Race - Finally, Ron is off my TV. Too bad he had to take Christine with him. Of course, I knew sending him to do a task where you are looking for something/one was a bad idea. Then again, I'd probably be just as bad at it as he is.

Dancing with the Stars - I almost skipped it this week, but then I remember it was Classical week. And what a good week it was, too. I can understand why these dances would be harder, but they still managed to do a great job. Yep, a theme week got me to tune in, and I'm glad.

Chuck - So, we're finally back to the Volkaves, and what an episode it was, too. The comedy seemed scaled back a bit, but the storylines advanced quite nicely. Can't wait to see where they are going with Ellie. That lie at the end of the episode caught me completely by surprise.

Castle - I feel like I should have seen that ending coming, but it caught me completely off guard. Lots of fun tracking the killer down as always.

Survivor - When I heard there would be a double tribal counsel, I was expecting two people voted out at one time. That would have made things very interesting. However, two tribal counsels in one episode wasn't that big a deal. While I understand David's frustration with just waiting to be eliminated, I don't understand his comment about the other team not wanting to play the game. You play a game to win, and if you stay together when you have the numbers, you win, pure and simple. On the other hand, Rob is overreaching. He's now worse than Russell ever was. Seriously, what's so wrong with eating fish?  And this season is so much more enjoyable when you fast forward through Philip talking.

Wipeout - Well, I didn't do so well picking contestants this time around. First, I was rooting for Mr. T. Eliminated second round. Then it was Scarecrow who went in the third. Fortunately, I picked Bucket List, and I made it to a win with her. And has anyone else noticed that the "Coin Toss" at the end switches directions after you fall once?

Nikita - Wow, didn't take Nikita and Michael long to hop into bed, did it? I'm trying to remember at this point how many black boxes there were to begin with. Two down, but several more to go. Assuming the show gets picked up for another season, of course.

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