Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunday's Ultimate Frisbee Game and Running 7 Miles

No, no.  I didn't do both in the same day.  But I do want to talk a little about my running this past week.

As I mentioned earlier this week, I played ultimate Frisbee on Sunday.  We'd been playing an hour and a half.  Some people had left, so we were dividing up the teams again.  They decided to switch me over to a different team.

So far, this isn't that out of the ordinary.

The reason why?  Because I was fast.

I was shocked.  I have never been called fast in my life!  I'm wondering if it was that my speed has improved or that I still had energy when most everyone else was tired.  Either way, I was thrilled, obviously, since I'm still talking about it.

Tuesday night, I went for a 7 mile run, my longest run to date.  Gotta train for the 10 mile Tough Mudder I've got coming up.  I probably pushed it too far since I haven't run much beyond 3.5 or 4 miles in the past couple of weeks.  However, I finished it with energy to spare.  In fact, when I started my walk for the cool down, my legs were still pushing me forward at a much faster rate than normal.  It was like they wanted me to keep running.  I wasn't sure about mile 5 if I had two more in me, but that last mile a runner's high must have kicked in or something because I felt great.

And I finished in under 1:41.  Don't know for sure when I left, but it was around 6.  When I got back, after my cool down, it was 7:41.  Normally, it takes me longer than that to run anything.

Maybe there is something to me being fast.

The down side is that my knees were killing me on Wednesday, especially my left knee.  They've bothered me off and on for years.  Ultimate Frisbee used to set them off, but it doesn't any more.  I knew they were bothering me a little bit about half way through the run, but I thought I was doing okay.  And I was for the run.  Not sure what it means or how to keep it from happening.  They feel fine today.  In fact, they started getting much better while I was cleaning the condo last night.  We'll see how they do with the 3 mile run I am planning for tomorrow morning.

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