Monday, April 04, 2011

Southern California Warrior Dash 2011

Warning: There are no pictures to go with this post.  I took pictures, but I only used a water proof disposable camera and I haven't gotten them developed yet.  Once I do, I'll post some.

Saturday was my first mud run of the year - the Warrior Dash.  I'd actually heard of this one last year, but by the time I did I'd signed up for another mud run the same day.  This year, it worked out.

The Warrior Dash is one race from a company that tours the country putting on mud runs.  It's a 5K course with roughly a dozen obstacles.

I was running it with my friends Sara, her husband Jason, and her friend Laurel.  Now saying I ran it with them is a bit of a misnomer since we all pretty much did our own things.  Jason took off right out of the gate, and I never caught him again.  Sara and Laurel were planning to take it slow.  But I figured I needed to run, so I set off at my own pace.  And I'm pleased to say that I actually ran most of it.  Seems like I wind up walking a portion of any mud run I sign up for, so this made me happy.

The running part was actually pretty easy.  It was a flat course with a couple of quick dips or climbs nothing major in that department.

The obastacles, on the other hand....

Up first was a giant mountain of hay bales.  Up and over.  We climbed through old beat up cars with tires between the vehicles.  Okay, so I managed to squeeze between the cars most of the time.  There were two cargo netting obstacles.  One we had to climb horizontally over, and the other was up and over a big bar.  That one freaked me out a little since I don't like heights, but I kept moving and did okay.  One of the obstacles was leaping over fire, and I was actually surprised at how high up the fire was.  Okay, so it was probably half a foot or so, but that was highter than I expected.

And, of course, there was the mud pit.  I got plenty of mud caked on me, so that was a good thing.  However, the mud was a bit on the thick side.  They were constantly trying to made more mud as we came through, but the two men doing that were adding more dirt more than they were adding more water.  The result was a very thick mud.  Personally, I think it needed a little more water.  Not a lot, but a little.

Yes, I am becoming a mud run mud snob, why do you ask?

Speaking of water, I think my favorite thing about this mud run was the clean up.  Showers?  No.  Fire truck with hoses?  No.  The mud run was on the banks of Lake Elsinore, and they just had us swim in the lake to clean up - right next to a sign about no swimming.  Okay, so I didn't get any cleaner than I have in my other mud runs, but it was a fun way to clean up.  And there was no waiting in a long line either.  The water was a little cold, but I quickly got used to it.

Speaking of which, the weather was perfect.  We had been having 90+ degree weather late last week, but it cooled down to the 70's.  It was hot enough to work up a sweat pretty easily, but it wasn't so hot that we felt uncomfortable.

We all had a good time, and there's already some discussion of doing it next year.  I'd definitely do one of their races again.

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