Friday, April 29, 2011

Running 9 Miles

I keep building up toward the 10 mile Tough Mudder I've got coming up in a month (just about exactly from today).  As part of that, I ran 9 miles on Tuesday.

Instead of sticking around my neighborhood, I tried an out and back route that took me on the bike path through town.  This path is wonderful and often takes you away from the streets.  Unfortunately, the part closest to where I live pretty much parallels a busy street.

I finished in basically two hours, which means I was running about 13 minute miles.  I'm happy with that since I can't seem to run that fast when I'm running my 3 mile hill route.

That was one thing, this path was pretty much flat.  And it was smooth payment almost the entire way, too.

I was actually surprised at how far down 4.5 miles was from my place.  I never would have guessed.

Surpringsly, I haven't felt that bad as a result.  My knees barely bothered me and my legs were a little sore, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Either my legs are building up to the run or the flat, smooth course really helped with that.

Either way, I'm really encouraged and looking forward to breaking the 10 mile mark this next week.  I'm thinking it will be Wednesday, but we'll see how the weekend goes before I decide for sure.

Last night, I went to play ultimate Frisbee.  The first hour, I felt sluggish and was having trouble keeping up with people.  But then I found a new source of energy and actually felt like I was pretty fast.  I'm not sure where that came from, but I am very happy.  Hoping to go play some Frisbee again on Sunday.  Maybe I can be fast the entire time?

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