Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weekly TV Recap November 19th

The Amazing Race - Father/Son were followed out the door by Father/Daughter. I wish I knew how close it really was because the editing made it look really close. But another team I am sorry to see go. Honestly, I think all the couple teams can leave at this point and I'd be happy. The ones who are left are getting on my nerves.

Dancing with the Stars - Another week, another round the Bristol makes it through. Let's be honest here, I bet her mother's fans are voting for her. But let's also be honest here, it's just a game show. We don't need to have all the drama over it we are seeing. I am definitely pulling for Jennifer, although I would be quite happy if Kyle and Lacey won as well. Bristol? Well, she's not a good enough dancer to deserve to win.

Chuck - When the episode started out, I wasn't that impressed, but as it went on, I really did like it and where they were going with it. This will wind up being another good milestone in the Chuck/Sarah relationship. But why oh why did they have to leave us hanging like that?

Castle - That was hilarious. Great spoof of sci-fi, especially X-Files. They even had the Cigarette Smoking Man. And I had no idea how they were going to explain everything, but they managed to have a logical solution to the mystery as well. I was laughing so hard, too.

No Ordinary Family - The kids' storylines this week were pretty weak, but the last few minutes were great. Jim and George finding a pattern in the people who are dying. Us learning that Stephanie was lied to by the widow. And The Watcher showing up to date Katie. This is going to get very interesting in the weeks to come.

Psych - The banter was killing me again, and the plot had me pretty confused for a while there. Great use of a haunted house to stage a murder. Plus, as against the Shawn/Juliette relationship as I have been, I think I might actually like it. It will be an interesting dynamic to watch as the season progresses.

Survivor - I really was surprised that Brenda went home. Most of the time when someone is as powerful and popular as she is, people aren't willing to turn on them. Maybe the people playing have a brain after all. (Note, I did say maybe.)

Better with You - Yes, this show snuck back into the rotation this week, mainly because they had Reba guest starring as a wedding planner. I used to love Reba, which also had star Joanna Garcia. Sadly, it reminded me why I gave up the show. I was cringing through a lot of it and skipped past the scenes about flirting at the yogurt shop. Reba was great, and it was fun seeing she and Joanna together again. But the show won't be back next week.

Burn Notice - I didn't remember that thief who had hired (or rather blackmailed) the gang into helping her, but I loved her. She was so funny, especially the way she and Fi went at it. I would love it if they found a way to bring her back again.

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