Saturday, November 06, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for November 6th

So NBC officially canceled Undercovers this week.  I actually had four on the DVR.  I couldn't quite get myself to give up on the show, but I wasn't making the time to watch it.  With it canceled, I went ahead and deleted them.  So now I have nothing on the DVR!

The Amazing Race - It was about time for another non-elimination leg. But boy, both parts of the detour were pretty hard. I would have tried for the music one, and the strategy of doing them one at a time was certainly the way to go. I think if other teams had tried that, they would have been happier overall.

Chuck - The show had me laughing for so much of it, especially Sarah after she found out that Chuck had talked to everyone but her about their fight. Or them having their heart to heart while shooting their way out of the bank. However, the tender moment of their mom talking to Ellie was great. The ending? Well, let's just say I don't want to have to wait two weeks to see what happens next. Totally unfair.

Dancing with the Stars - So, I thought more of the couples would stick closer to the original dances, but it was actually more fun seeing them take a fresh spin on some signature performances. And I loved seeing all the stars back again. Shocked that Rick left, especially since Bristol is still around. She's not that good a dancer, so I really have expected her to leave before now.

Castle - As if to make up for last week, we had lots of fun with the stripper in this week's episode. Totally hilarious how it all played out, and I never saw that ending coming. Sub-plots at home still aren't quite as good as they have been in the past, but I'm not complaining over all. Still a fun show.

Hawaii Five-0 - Interesting take on the hostage situation, and the twists by the end were amazing. Still could take or leave the show, but I can't seem to stop watching.

Survivor - Marty makes it through again. Will anyone wise up to how manipulative he is? And NaOnka? I was actually beginning to like her, but holy cow she went off the deep end yet again, and no one seems to realize how crazy she is. She needs to go now.

Nikita - I actually watched the last two episodes this week. Man, this show is awesome. Easily the best new show of the season. Thom out in the field was great, and I can't wait to see how they continue to play off his relationship with Alex. But I am wondering what happened to the black girl who was giving Alex so much trouble in the beginning. She seems to have just vanished.

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Leslie said...

Nikita - the actress playing the black girl has some other acting jobs on her imdb page so I doubt she was supposed to be on the show for very long - I'm guessing she got cancelled.

Mark said...

I just wish they'd actually told us as they were writing her out of the show. It's just weird that she's gone with no explanation since it felt like they were building to something.