Saturday, November 27, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for November 27th

You know, I really had intended to blog more this week. But I just ran out of time with everything I was trying to get in before Thanksgiving. One of those things was staying current on my TV shows, so at least I'll get this post in. Fortunately, with Thanksgiving this week, most shows took the time I'm out of town off. I'll have some catching up to do when I get back, but I can handle that.

The Amazing Race - I wasn't that sorry to see Chad and Stephanie go. Heck, I could do with the other two couples leaving. I like the two female teams and hope one of them wins. The double U-turn certainly made things interesting since the team that got U-turned didn't automatically lose. I hope they bring that back in future seasons.

Dancing with the Stars - Well, that was the least surprising ending since Kristi Yamaguchi won. Not that I don't think Jennifer and Derek deserved to win, but she had a huge advantage going in. I would really like to see them fill up a roster sometime with people who don't have any dancing experience in them instead of stacking the deck. Okay, so I was rooting for Lacey to finally win. And I've got to say that Bristol really surprised me. I actually liked her freestyle the best. She proved she deserved to be in the finals. Third place was the right finish for her, but she was actually holding her own with the other two.

Skating with the Stars - That was painful. No, I'm not talking about the skating, which was actually pretty interesting. But the hosts were so over talking things (even over the hosts on DwtS) . The judges had no personality at all. Yes, the judges can be over the top of DwtS, but they actually still make sense, and you can figure out what their scores will be. Here? The scores made no sense following the comments. I'm slightly tempted to see where things go next week, but I think I'm just going to let the show go. We're entering December anyway, so why not just enjoy a lighter TV schedule.

Chuck - Not the biggest fan of watching Sarah go all Rambo on everyone. Casey doing that and breaking the rules is funny. Sarah was just painful to watch. It does show how Chuck balances out Sarah, however. I like what they have done with them and their relationship this year. No, it doesn't have quite the same spark the show had before they started dating. But it is still fun, and I prefer this to them dragging this out for another year. I'm dying to know what was in the computer that Ellie and Awesome finally had open at the end. I'm one of the few people I know who doesn't think it's another intersect. I think it's a big family secret, however.

No Ordinary Family - They overall story didn't advance by much, which didn't really surprise me. And I was highly disappointed with how they resolved the JJ story about being charged with a crime. Seriously? We're going to use amnesia? I would rather they didn't introduce the storyline if that was all they were going to do with it.

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