Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for November 13th

So, you may notice that Hawaii Five-0 isn't on the list any more.  It's not that I wasn't still enjoying the show, but something had to go.  I just had too much else I was watching, especially with USA Network shows coming back.

The Amazing Race - Kevin and Michael finally left. To be honest, they lasted longer than I thought they would. Not as sorry to see them go as I have been the others the last couple of weeks because the way the son talks about his father was really getting me. And once again, racers learn the importance of reading all directions carefully.

Dancing with the Stars - So, the Instant Dance was pretty interesting. It certainly separated the great dancers from the next level down. Not that anyone isn't trying at this point, but there is a certainly natural ability involved. I'm sorry to see Kurt and Anna go, but they are one of the couples that needs to go. Now, Bristol needs to go next week. She's improved at lot, but she's not at the level of the other three. And Kyle was robbed! His Instant Jive was the dance of the season. He should have gotten a 30. I still can't believe that was a dance without a known song. It was flawless.

Castle - This one started out fun, but if grew serious pretty quickly when we learned a boy had been kidnapped. They did a great job of toning it down at that point and making it important for the characters. Not that I was ever really worried for the boy. This isn't the kinds of show where they'd kill off the kid. At least I hope not. That would really ruin the fun of the show, and it tries above all else to be fun each week. I even felt like the story with the pet rat wasn't as stuck on has it has been in the past.

No Ordinary Family - Nothing on any advancing storylines. In stead, the entire episode was devoted to Stephanie's parents visiting. And they have a bad relationship which is fixed by the end. Predictable. But I still loved it and ended the episode smiling. What is it with me and predictable, sappy stories like that that I love so much?

Psych - Once again, they had Cary Elwes on the show, and they made no Princess Bride references? On a show that prides itself on 80's references? Inconceivable! Other than that (and yes it does really bother me), I enjoyed the episode. The banter between Shawn and Gus was funny as always. Plot was decent, although the ending was a bit weak. Glad to have the show back.

Survivor - Marty's gone! I never could bring myself to feel sorry for him. Something about how arrogant and smug he always seemed. Now, if they can just get rid of NaOnka I will be super thrilled.

Burn Notice - This episode is everything I love about the show. You've got some quips with lots of action and things blowing up. Even though I know the characters will make it out alive, I still worry for them. Especially this week since it was so painful watching Michael walk around wounded. Jesse is going to be a huge wild card for quite a while. He's working with them, but almost under protest. I like what they are doing with that relationship. I hope they keep it realistic.

Nikita - Michael, Nikita really is on your side. Please know that. Please think! And in other news, just as I was complaining about not seeing Jaden for a few weeks, look who was back. I loved how Alex used her to clear herself. "If these two agree, they must be telling the truth." So funny. It will be interesting to see how their relationship develops from here.

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