Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Reading Locations

If it's Tuesday, that must mean it is time for another reading question from Callapidder Days for Fall Into Reading.  This week's question is:

Where do you love to read? Note: I don’t mean where do you actually do most of your reading, because that might be the carpool line, the work cafeteria, or even the bathroom (if you have to escape from a few small children in order to read a chapter of your book). I mean, what are a few of the places where you LOVE to read?
Where do I love to read?  Yes!

Seriously, I will read anywhere and everywhere I get a chance when not doing something like running or watching TV.  I love to read in bed before I go to sleep at night.  I love to read on airplanes.  I will lean my seat back and read in my car at lunch time.  I rarely read in the living room because my roommates are usually out there, so when I get a chance to do that it is a special treat.  I really will read anywhere and everywhere I can.

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