Friday, August 20, 2010

Winding Down Summer League Regular Season

So, it's also been several weeks since I've posted about ultimate Frisbee.  And my team has continued to win.  This week is the last week of the regular season, and we finished 6-5.  Just to recap, at one point, we were 0-5.  Then we won six straight games in a row.  Just how crazy is that?  Even crazier is the fact that our last four games were against teams we had previously lost to.

Granted, all of our losses were by two or three points except for our last one.  That loss was something like 13-17.  We played that team again on Tuesday night.  We both had 9 people show up.  And we won 17-6.  Again, how crazy is that?

I'm still not sure I've been contributing too much to the team.  Last week, I was thrown the disc twice.  I caught it both times, but threw it away once and connected with someone else once.  This last week I dropped it both times it was thrown to me (once in the end zone).  Both times, I let me defender get into my head.  I should have been able to catch them.

But on the defense side, I don't feel like I've been the let down that I could have been.  Yes, I've been scored on, but no more than normal.  As usual, my team is pretty good at matching me up well on defense.

Yes, I'm still the slow guy on the field, but I've had as much fun as I always do playing ultimate Frisbee.  I'm sorry to see the season end.  And I would definitely play men's league again, although first choice will remain co-ed.

This Sunday is the tournament that ends the season.  We go into the tourney in second place (with a 6-5 record.  Just how crazy is that?)  There are two other teams with our exact record.  The first place team has only lost two games, both of them to the last place team.  And those two square off in the first game of the season.  Usually at these tournaments, you have a feeling that certain teams will go further than others (although my team proved that wrong by making it to the finals a couple years ago).  This year?  I honestly have no idea what will happen.  It will be interesting to see how it all shakes out come Sunday.

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