Saturday, August 28, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for August 28th

Melissa and Joey - Yep, I'm already being reminded why I don't watch too many sitcoms these days. There were funny parts, but I was kinda glad I was home alone while I was watching. Too many awkward sex references/jokes for my tastes. Not ready to give up, but I hope it settles down some soon.

White Collar - This show, on the other hand, gets better every week. I loved having Elizabeth back. She really does add a lot to the show even if she's not usually super involved. And the case was great. I do find it funny that both times Witness Protection has showed up in USA Network shows other than In Plain Sight, the WP Agent has been the bad guy.

Covert Affairs - While this show's got the most sex of anything on the USA Network, it was more restrained than the show on ABC Family. Go figure. Actually, it's more that it didn't feel quite as crude. I still didn't appreciate it, especially when it seemed like Augie is using the reporter for his own purposes. Still, I couldn't help but feel for him when his former girlfriend jumped and left him behind. They are doing a great job with making him real and interesting. When I first learned he'd be blind, I figured he'd stay in his desk most of the time. On the other hand, the sub-plots with the sister are already becoming routine and predictable. Hope they shake things up there soon.

Wipeout - I love Bruiseball. And if Smelly's Boyfriend couldn't win, I'm glad the Birthday Guy did. Wouldn't have minded the movie buff, either. And I loved how they mocked themselves at the end of round two. When someone moved on I didn't recognize, I was wondering who it was. When she almost grapped the final spot, the Johns started mocking that fact, pointing out that we didn't know her, so how it was good she didn't move on since we weren't invested in her. Pretty funny stuff if you ask me.

Psych - They finally hit a weak episode this season. Yes, I laughed a few times. Yes, it was nice to see Chi McBride. Yes, I liked Gus quoting scripture (in fact, those were some of the best laughs). But overall, I thought the episode could have been better. I was glad that Gus' friends weren't killed but that the prisoners just wanted to use them for decoys so they could get away.

You'll notice I don't have Burn Notice or Royal Pains on here. I just haven't had a chance to get to them yet. But since this week was the Summer finale (NO!!!), I'll include them next week.

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