Saturday, August 14, 2010

Weekly TV Recap for August 14th

Yeah, I missed last week due to being on vacation.  I've watched two weeks worth of TV this week.  How do I do it during the regular TV season?  I normally watch that much TV during a week, but I could barely keep up this week?  Anyway, I'm just talking about this week's show because the others are so last week.

White Collar - Neal as hit man. I've got to admit that was a fun premise for the show. The actual plot was a bit ordinary, although the twist of the villain haven't a fake ID was lots of fun. What I really liked were the scenes between Sarah, Neal, and Peter. There were some great one liners in there. Oh yeah, and when does Elizabeth come back full time again? I miss her.

Covert Affairs - Okay, so how cool is it that President Logan from 24 is Suresh from Heroes' dad? Only in TV Land, although they do have an explanation in the show involving his mother. I had just been thinking they hadn't done anything with Annie's ex for a while, and suddenly he was a huge part of the episode. I really do wonder where they are going with that.

Wipeout - I must admit I was surprised that the Black Belts from Hawaii didn't make it further. But I was rooting for the board gamers the entire time. I was thrilled they won. I remember them not letting people go beyond 20 minutes in the wipeout zone on an episode earlier this season, so I was surprised they didn't stop the daughter at that point. Not that it would have mattered. The Board Gamers easily beat the other team.

Psych - So I'm a little unclear on why the one woman was going by a different name, but over all it was an enjoyable episode. Of course, I always love watching Shawn and Lassiter go at it, and there was plenty of that.

Burn Notice - The prison part of the episode was okay. I mean, there was a reason I didn't watch Prison Break. I just don't care for the truth about prison stuff. And it's why I plan to stay far away from it. But I am very intrigued by the twist with who burned Michael and why. Is he now working directly for the guy who burned him or did Simon plant that for another reason? I can't wait to find out.

Royal Pains - Please tell me there will be some episodes in January. If they really mean there are only two episodes left, I can't stand to wait until next June for more. I'm curious about why Divya had such a guilty conscious after her night at the hospital. I want to know where Hank and Jill are going to go. I am very concerned about what Eddie R. Lawson is up to and how it involves Boris. But my biggest surprise is how much I have come to like Evan this year. They have really matured him. Yes, he's still a goofball much of the time, but he isn't just the idiot character any more. I like that. And I think I really like Paige. I certainly liked her showing up with all those people at the end (although I saw that coming a ways away). I'm not going to like it when they break them up.

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