Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Off to Northern Kentucky (Vacation Report 2)

I left Dallas Tuesday morning and headed to Northern Kentucky.  I flew into the Cincinnati airport, which isn't in Ohio.  See the things you can learn traveling?

My good friend Matt lives there.  He moved there in 2005, and we've only gotten to see each other a couple of times since.  As soon as I learned that Trixie Camp was going to be in Ohio, I started planning a couple of days to see Matt.

Tuesday night, we hit the Boone County Fair.  I haven't been to a fair in literally years, but this one was small considering the fair I grew up attending.  We hung out with a couple of his friends, mainly visiting the figure 8 riding lawnmower races and the food booths.  We did wander around the rest of it, however.

Wednesday, we spent the day at the Creation Museum.  Matt works there, so I could get the inside scoop on everything there.  And it is very impressive.  I enjoyed both the planetarium shows.  And there is lots to see in the various exhibits.

I've followed Creation science for years, so there wasn't a whole lot there to surprise me, although a couple things said struck me differently.  It was great to see all this stuff laid out in a museum, however, instead of the normal evolution presented in most museums.

Of course, if you go and don't believe Creation, it will only help you if you have an open mind.  There is no big "A Ha!" moment that will change your mind.  But I liked the fact that they discuss world views and not only the consequences but also the way that world view impacts how you view the same set of facts.

Matt is committed to his work there.  Wednesday was his day off, but as soon as he got there, he put on his walkie-talkie.  Over the course of the day, he did take care of some stuff, although I still felt like I got to see just about everything.  Plan a full day there, you'll need it.

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