Saturday, May 22, 2010

Weekly TV Recap - May 22nd

Remember, spoilers start immediately.

Survivor - Honestly, I would have been happy with whoever won this season. As long as it wasn't Russell. That guy is so cocky! I really wish he hadn't won the Sprint vote. I was glad he didn't get any jury votes, but I would have really loved it if he had been voted out at some point. I would have loved to see the look on his face. Talk about what would have been priceless. Oh wait, but it wasn't all about him. Seriously, congrats to Sandra. Two for two is a very impressive record, and I'd be very proud of it if I were her.

Chuck - Things are definitely getting interesting. Poor Ellie is smack dab in over her head, and I don't see how she is going to get out of things alive. Again, I felt like it was a set up for next week, but I did feel like we got some good character development along the way. I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

24 - I am not going to like how it all ends, I can tell right now. Jack deserves a happy ending. Okay, so I want everyone to have a happy ending in everything I read or watch. I have a feeling the end will be appropriate for the show, but I'm really worried I'm not going to like it. Especially since right now Jack is just out for revenge and not justice. That really bothers me in any show or movie. However, I did love the scene of Jack stalking Logan's car. Reminded me of something from a horror film.

Dancing with the Stars - I have to say, Chad really stepped up his game tonight. In the first round, everyone was amazing. The four couples were separated by only 7 points after Monday. That's pretty impressive. And I loved Evan's Paso and Nicole's Tango. I was sorry to see Chad go, but not really surprised. He was the weakest dancer left, which was saying something about the other three. As Len said, in any other season, he would have been a shoe in for the finals.

Castle - That was a fun case. And I think the whole spy vacation thing would be perfect for my next vacation. Where do I sign up? (I'll leave the murderous partner behind, however.) They were teasing us that Castle and Beckett might get together, but I knew that wouldn't happen. Way too soon. Still, I loved the whole "See you in the fall" bit at the end. Nice way to remind us that they are definitely coming back for season 3 (and I can't wait!)

Lost - Anyone who is surprised that Jack chose to be the island's new protector raise your hand so I can slap you. I mean, seriously, what did you expect? I knew what was coming. It was a solid episode, setting things up nicely for the finale. And can I just say how nice it was to see Rousseau again? (The actress was a main character on Babylon 5, my favorite TV show of all time. I always loved it when she showed up.)

V - After last week's amazing episode, this felt like a bit of a let down. It felt like they were trying to do too much, wrap up too many storylines before the season ended. I am glad they are coming back so I can find out more about what happens. But I am not happy I have to wait until January. I have got to get my hands on the original mini-series somehow so I can at least see that version of things.

The Good Guys - So I'd thought I'd give this new show from Matt Nix, creator of Burn Notice, a try. After all, I love his other show. This one? Not so much. It's about two cops in Dallas. Ones is trying to regain his glory days; the other is trying to get back in the good graces of any of his higher ups after embarrassing them in public. They've been assigned to the minor crimes, but they stumble into a major crime while investigating a stolen humidifier. Frankly, it was just painful to watch. I didn't care for the older cop, although the young cop was okay. Still, it wasn't any fun at all. Maybe I'll give it another chance if the buzz continues to build. But for now I'm out.

In Plain Sight - I know last week I said I liked watching Mary. This week, they give us a Marshall centric episode. But it was so good. Watching him interact with his dad was interesting. Yes, I saw the character development coming, but I still liked it. And it was nice to see Mary's sister Brandi return and find out what she'd been up to. I hope they keep the half-brother around for a few episodes. I could really grow to like him.

FlashForward - So next week is the series finale, not this week. I thought the pieces were in place last week, but I guess not. I feel like they are moving the pieces around on a chess board setting them up where they want them. I'm frustrated because I want to see the payout for all we've watched so far this season. I've heard they give closure on lots of it. I hope I'll feel the ride was worth it when I find out where they were going.

The Mentalist - A few weeks ago, I was set to get the first season on DVD from the library this summer to catch up on what I had missed. But now I'm thinking I might stop watching next season. The last few weeks haven't really excited me. And this one was no exception. It was missing the humor. And why Red John would have Patrick Jane in his clutches and just walk away made me sense to me. Maybe there is something I am missing from season one that would explain it, but it just seems like lazy writing to me.

Next week's will have fewer shows to cover but three series finales, two of themm big.  Should be an interesting week.

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