Friday, June 12, 2009

Summer League Game Two and Beyond!

If you'll remember from my last post, I had rolled my ankle playing beach ultimate on Sunday when I had a summer league game on Monday. I iced it before work on Monday and again as soon as I got home from work. That did the trick. It was feeling fine, and I was able to play.

That's a good thing, too. We had a total of 5 guys show up, one of whom got injured 3/4 of the way through the game. Since we play 4-3 or 3-4 men and women, I got lots of playing time, like just about half the points.

And it was a hard fought game. At one point in the first half, we were ahead by two points. Then the other team pulled ahead 8-7 at half. We came back with two in a row, but then they scored. We basically traded points until it was 12-12. At that point, two points had been the biggest lead of the night.

It was at that point that our player got injured. One of our better players, too. We were all tired. We fought hard, but we lost 12-15. Believe me, those last three points were all close.

They really poached off me quite a bit, staying back to try to keep the deep throws from happening (which we were doing way too much.) As a result, I played up near the front handling the disc quite a bit. I enjoyed that, although every time I tried to go for a quick throw I blew it. I've got to remember to take a deep breath and go for the easier throws. I can make the ones I am trying for, I just get too excited and wind up blowing them.

And then there was the time I was picked (think a screen in basketball. They are total illegal here.) And yet I stood there yelling "Poached" wondering why no one was stopping. Fortunately, the person with the disc realized what was going on (he saw the pick), and after a few seconds asked me what I meant. I was a bit embarrassed, but did find it rather funny.

Either way, it was a fun game. I feel good about how we played. But boy was I tired.

Tuesday, my roommate Brennon went over some stretching exercises with me to help strengthen my legs. And I've done them exactly once since then. (I hope he doesn't read this).

Wednesday, I ran some errands and then stopped by my friends Kurt and Kellie's house for about an hour or so. Probably would have been longer except Kellie wasn't feeling well at all.

Last night, I finally got some serious TV watching in. I have so much from this week yet to go. With all the stuff on my DVR, you'd forget it was summer. Got to love USA for giving me stuff to watch.

But tonight I won't get to any of it. It's Bible study time again.

Meanwhile, I can't get the thought of doing the Camp Pendleton Mud Run next summer out of my mind. It's scary since it's a 10K race, and I can't even run 5K. But it just sounds like so much fun. I think I may just sign up for it.

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