Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer League Game 5

Kinda hard to believe we are on game 5 of summer league already, isn't it?

I got to the field a little late and paniced at first with how many red people there were. Turns out that the other game happening last night was men's league team red, so they didn't have quite as many subs as I thought. In fact, we had more than they did.

Turns out that the Red team has my buddy JV on it. I don't think we've ever played on the same team, even at pick up. But every time our teams face off, we guard each other. The nice thing is, we're a good match. (Sorry to insult you like that JV.) And he takes me seriously. It means I can stick with him most of the time on defense, but I have to be smart in my offense if I want to get open.

And I managed to get open several times in the first half. Dropped it once, but all the others were successful catch and throws. So maybe playing pick up on Saturday helped instead of hurt.

My favorite play of the game was the one where I threw it to score. We'd gotten a fast break, and I was one of four team members near the end zone with only two defenders. Ed threw it to me, trying to lead me into the end zone, but it wasn't quite far enough (despite the fact that I tried to jump it in). Ed started running into the end zone as soon as he realized we hadn't scored yet. It was a great cut, and if I had been a tad faster, I probably could have thrown it to him to score. However, one of the defenders took off after him, making it an iffy throw. However, that left David wide open, so I threw it to him for the score.

The first half was also when I got knocked down. We'd just pulled it, and I was trying to get down to JV who had the disc. Another of his team mates was between us. I tried to go around just as he did a quick switch, running to the person behind him. Got a bit of a grass burn (if that kind of thing is possible), but no real damage. The only bad part of that was that I lost my temper for a second and had to apologize later. Hey, those kind of accidents happen, and it was obvious that's what it was. (I just throught for a second he was mad at me when he was just upset to be tumbling to the ground, too.)

The second half of the game didn't hold much in the way of highlights for me. I was in several points, but never did get open again. I think my brain had shut down because I was making poor cuts. I did a fairly decent job on defense, so that made me happy.

The score was a blow out. We were up 8-2 at half and cruized to a 15-6 victory. Those kind of games are run at times because it means we aren't putting as much pressure on ourselves. But having been on the other side of the equation, I do feel kinda bad about it.

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