Friday, June 05, 2009

Summer League Game 1

Tuesday night was my first ultimate Frisbee game of the 2009 summer league season.

I got there a little late as always. No good excuse. I was talking to my family in fact. Met my team, Aqualung (light blue) this year. My captain was on my St. Pat's Hat team. Seem like a good group of people. However, there are several men who are as old and out of shape as I am, which means when we face really athletic teams, we are going to have serious problems.

Then the game started. We started out in the hole. In fact, we were down two at one point, 3-5.

We actually started our comeback early (for a team of mine.) We rallied from 3-5 and got several in a row. We actually finished the half ahead 8-6.

And we scored right off the bat in the second half, increasing the lead to 9-6. We traded points for a while, then let them get two in a row. So things got a little more intense on our end as the scores were often a point apart. But we won in the end 15-13.

One of the points I was in, my defender swatted down the disc both times it was thrown to me. Even worse, one was in the end zone and a nice long floater I would have actually had for a change had he not been there. The other one was going into a crowded area. I could have gotten it had no one been around, but if I had tried, I would have gotten hurt.

But I did actually connect with the disc once. In the second half, it was thrown to me and I caught it. Then I was actually patient with it and threw it on to someone else. So I was happy with that.

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