Monday, June 29, 2009

A Normal Weekend?

This was almost a normal weekend for me. Emphasis on the almost.

Friday night was Bible study. We had a small group and did praise and prayer time. Man, I really need to spend more time with my guitar. I am rustier than I thought. But it still went pretty well.

Saturday was a nice, relaxing day. About the only thing I did in the morning was buzz my head. Seriously, nothing too exciting.

In the afternoon, I headed down to play ultimate. Had to get last week's game out of my head. And I did a good job of that. I was happy with some of my grabs and throws. Hopefully, that gives me enough confidence to play well tonight but no over confidence to blow it.

But it was hot. 100 Degree weather hot. I took two things of water. Finished one before I got to the car and drank about half of the other on the way home.

That night, my roommate invited a mutual friend over. We had pizza, played Mario Kart, and hit the pool and hot tub for a while. Great times.

Sunday was church and another time in the church library. Have I mentioned that? I'm helping out in the library during the summer for their kid's reading program. Basically, they just need extra bodies because of the extra crunch of people checking books out and wanting credit for the books read. So far, it's been fun.

That afternoon, I wound up talking to my family.

Then, I was back at church that night for SummerFest again. Good message. My Bible study helped set up and tear down. I bailed a little early and Josh and Joe came over to my place for a couple of Babylon 5 episodes. So all in all a great weekend.

Can I do it again right now? Please?

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