Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Mini Review: A Talent for Murder

I feel a mini review coming on. Time to talk about A Talent for Murder by R. T. Jordan.

Living Legend Polly Pepper is always looking for a new job so she can afford to keep up her lavish lifestyle. That's why the former queen of variety TV agrees to take on the role of the nice judge on I'll Do Anything to Become Famous, the next not so great reality series. Things are off to a weak start rating wise until the mean judge, Brittish transplant Thane Cornwall is murdered in his house. With a panel of suspects, not to mention the contestants, Polly has her hands full.

This series is full out wacky fun. If you are expecting anything planted on earth, look elsewhere. It revels in being Hollywood. I love it for that. This is especially true of Polly, who is over the top as a character. Not that I find any of them especially realistic.

The plot was well developed here with some nice twists and red herrings.

My only real complaint was the timeline. It seemed like days and weeks vanished without acknowledgement. That's a big pet peeve of mine. I think sequentially, so it makes it hard for me to process if it isn't tracking.

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